Tech Jobs Austin

  • By Susmita Saha
  • Published on March 15, 2023

Introduction to the tech industry in Austin

A wonderful city for tech professionals is Austin. It is the fastest-growing IT hub in the country and provides a wealth of excellent job prospects for those working in the sector. It's quite simple to meet other businesses that wish to relocate their employees here, and the workplace atmosphere, the environment, and the nightlife are all top-notch.

Austin has steadily increased its position as a tech powerhouse over the past two decades, and recently, this expansion has accelerated rapidly. In fact, Austin topped Silicon Valley and Raleigh, North Carolina, in Forbes' list of the top American cities for tech growth in 2015.

You should consider moving to Austin if you're considering doing so to launch your tech profession or advance your current one. One of the top cities for tech workers is this one. More businesses are increasing their presence in Austin or moving their corporate headquarters here. With nearly 8,300 high-tech businesses and a total of 176,404 people, or 17.1%, employed in the city, the workforce is still expanding.


Why Austin is a top tech hub.

Austin is becoming a miniature Silicon Valley for Texas and the larger Southwest thanks to the city's expanding tech industry. A CompTIA analysis shows that 172,961 people are employed in the tech sector in Austin, the majority of whom are software engineers and programmers. According to Business Insider, the top three employers of computer experts in Austin are Dell, which has around 13,000 people there, Amazon, with 5,600, and Oracle, with about 5,000.

The dating app Bumble, the video chat service Zoom, and the infrastructure monitoring software made by Logic Monitor all have their headquarters in Austin. Community Groups like the Austin Tech Alliance, which offer chances for networking and civic engagement, are a part of Austin's STEM job culture. Becoming involved in Austin's software and IT scene might put you in the driver's seat for intriguing work prospects.


Top software companies in Austin

Contrary to many people, the software isn't just for Californian valleys. These Austin-based businesses are assisting developers and engineers in creating some genuinely amazing technological advancements. The tech environment in Austin is expanding, and some of the businesses there are changing the game in many different sectors. Check out our full list of a few top software companies in Austin that you should keep an eye on.

·      Atlassian

·      ActiveProspect

·      BigCommerce

·      Blackbaud

·      Cision

·      Gembah

·      GoDaddy

·      Karros Technologies

·      LeanDNA

·      Living Security

·      Overhaul

·      Pushnami

·      Qualia

·      SailPoint

·      Shipwell

·      ThousandEyes


The startup environment in Austin

Are you a startup or an entrepreneur looking for the ideal location to open your business? Austin, Texas, should be your only option, then.

Austin is swiftly rising to the top of the list of U.S. locations for startups thanks to its flourishing startup ecosystem and lively network of like-minded people.

We'll look at the specific combination of elements that make Austin such a wonderful destination for startups and discuss why it's so terrific for both starting and expanding new businesses. We'll look more closely at what makes Austin unique and why it's a city worth considering for your next startup company, from the robust and diverse economy to the welcoming business community.

In Austin, startups were able to raise $5 billion in capital overall in 2022. As a comparison to the record-breaking level set the year before, this funding marks a little decline. Although the overall amount of capital raised by companies in Austin in 2022 was a little less than the previous year, it was still a very large sum, demonstrating the success of Austin's startup community.

The city's startup sector has also accomplished a big milestone. Austin's startup ecosystem is now valued at a record-breaking $128 billion, which indicates that the region has a large and expanding base of profitable businesses.

“The Austin region is home to a vibrant tech ecosystem, with a large cohort of rising stars and more than 25 unicorns born across the region.” - Roland Peña, Senior VP for Global Technology, and Innovation for the Austin Chamber.

This fact demonstrates the city's thriving and helpful startup environment. Austin has developed into a hub for innovation in recent years, with an increasing number of companies in a range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, and energy. The city has also experienced a substantial infusion of talent, including elite businesspeople, engineers, and other professionals who are attracted to the city's high standard of living, robust economic climate, and welcoming community.


How to find tech jobs in Austin

There are several ways to find tech jobs in Austin:

·      Internet job boards: For Austin tech job postings, check out well-known job search portals such as Indeed, Techjobs, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Monster. You can use keywords, location, job title, and other search criteria to find job postings.

·      Browse the websites of Austin-based technology companies like Dell, IBM, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. A lot of these businesses have specific career pages where they advertise job openings.

·      Attend local tech conferences and events, interact with professionals on social media, and join tech-related forums and communities to network. They can be excellent ways to network professionally and discover career prospects.

·      Consider collaborating with a staffing firm that focuses on placing tech professionals. These organizations can assist in connecting you with work opportunities that fit your qualifications and expertise.

·      Job fairs: See Austin's upcoming hiring occasions and job fairs. These can be excellent opportunities to network with employers and discover local job openings.


Ultimately, remaining active and involved in the job search process is crucial to getting tech employment in Austin. Watch job boards, go to networking events, and don't be hesitant to ask your network for assistance and guidance.


Tech Salary in Austin

Many factors, including the job title, level of experience, firm size, and industry, affect tech salaries in Austin, Texas. Yet, Austin is renowned for having a booming IT sector with market-competitive pay. A software engineer in Austin can expect to make an average base pay of $98,000 per year, while a data scientist can expect to make an average salary of $113,000 per year, according to Glassdoor statistics. Senior-level jobs can bring in much more money, with typical yearly wages of about $130,000 and $143,000 for Senior Software Engineers and Senior Data Scientists, respectively.

It's important to note that Austin has a cheaper cost of living than other tech centers like San Francisco or New York, which may entice tech employees trying to optimize their wages to relocate there. Additionally, a lot of Austin-area tech companies have alluring benefit packages, such as stock options, retirement plans, and health insurance, which can raise the total pay package.