Tech Jobs Chicago

  • By Susmita Saha, System Developer
  • Published on April 14, 2023

The American Midwestern area includes the city of Chicago. With an estimated 2.7 million residents, it is the third-most populous city in the nation. Chicago is renowned for its multiethnic population, magnificent architecture, thriving arts, and cultural scene, and considerable historical significance.

The first things that come to mind when you think of Chicago are usually its architecture, baseball, deep-dish pizza, or jazz music. Chicago is now a burgeoning technological hub where leading corporations and cutting-edge startups are embracing the future of technology.

Chicago is the city for me. And it appears that many software firms share this sentiment. More than 6,000 tech businesses call Chicago home, and over the past five years, close to 400 startups have been established there.

The epicenter of technology once was San Francisco. But in recent years, businesses have quickly moved their headquarters out of California and into other big cities like New York City, Austin, and — you guessed it — Chicago.

However, Chicago's tech industry is booming while Silicon Valley's popularity is declining. Nine Chicago firms reached "unicorn" status in 2021 by being valued at least $1 billion.

Although Chicago is sometimes referred to as the "Second City," it is quickly approaching the top spot in the tech industry.

 Top 10 Tech Companies in Chicago to Work for

Chicago is home to many significant businesses, such as Boeing, McDonald's, Kraft Heinz, and United Airlines. It's no surprise that cutting-edge technology companies are moving to The Windy City when major players like those establish roots there.

And if you're wondering why important tech businesses choose Chicago, you're not the only one. This is explained by a few theories.

First off, Chicago has a substantially lower cost of living than the largest cities on the East and West coasts. This translates into cheaper overhead expenses for businesses and a generally more comfortable standard of living for employees.

Second, Illinois is the third-largest state in the US for computer science degree production. Then, for jobs in software engineering and development, these grads swarm to Chicago.

Thirdly, a lot of people think that Midwesterners' reputation for having a strong work ethic is the only explanation for Chicago's appeal. Whatever the cause, the growth of Chicago's digital sector is undeniable. From fintech and healthcare to e-commerce and information technology (IT), it is booming.

Here are the 10 best tech companies to work for in Chicago:

1.       Project44

Shippers and logistics service providers use the advanced visibility platform project44. The platform provides crucial shipment data, aids brands in automating manual procedures, and transforms the consumer delivery experience. In 2014, Project44 was founded. The software for supply chain visibility is project44.

2.      Sprout Social

Brands can advance their social media strategy by using the social management platform Sprout Social. You can interact in real-time, connect with your audience, and find insightful information about your social channels with Sprout Social.

Social media experts favor Sprout Social's user-friendly platform since it is not only simple to use but also robust enough to handle big businesses. Every tool required for managing social media is available in Sprout Social, including tools for posting, engagement, analytics, reviews, social commerce, and social listening.

3.     Four kites

To assist companies in digitizing their supply chains, FourKites is a supply chain visibility program that blends real-time data and machine learning. Businesses rely on FourKites to boost productivity, improve supply chain efficiency, boost on-time delivery rates, and boost customer happiness.

Businesses may benefit from multimodal coverage, including trucks, trains, ocean, and parcels, with FourKites. With the help of the real-time visibility platform FourKites, you may spot trends and prevent needless fines for detention and late rescheduling.

4.     Keeper Security

A platform for managing and securing passwords called Keeper Security assists both organizations and private users in reducing the risk of data breaches. The technology creates strong passwords, stores private documents in a digital vault that is secured, and securely distributes information among teams.

Due to the zero-knowledge security architecture used in the construction of Keeper Security, all encryption and decryption operations are carried out locally on each user's device. Users may manage, store, and share their bank account, credit card, and password information with Keeper Security.


5.     Smokeball

Smokeball, a cloud-based legal practice management system, automatically records time whether you bill hourly, with fixed rates, or on contingency, helping to boost companies' profitability and productivity.

6.     Rytr

Rytr is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant that can produce engaging content quickly and automatically. For a variety of uses, including emails, blogs, advertisements, and social media, Rytr produces original text.

7.      Syndigo

With the aid of a linked commerce environment, Syndigo's product information management (PIM) technology enables brands to create value in real-time. The extensive platform has omnichannel capabilities to aid distributors and retailers in making wise selections and boosting sales.

8.     Printavo

Digital printers, screen printers, sign makers, and embroiderers all utilize Printavo to run their online stores. Brands can efficiently manage job schedules, artwork approval, quoting, analytics, and payments thanks to the platform.

9.     Popular Pays

A platform for influencer marketing called Popular Pays links companies with content producers. The platform's thorough dashboard, which offers direct communication and potent data, assists brands in managing campaigns.

10.  DealRoom

DealRoom is a tool for managing due diligence requests and transaction data that eliminates the need for email threads and unsafe spreadsheet trackers. Due diligence time is decreased by 25–40% thanks to the platform's secure virtual data room and project management capabilities for businesses.


Tech Salary in Chicago, IL

The precise industry, firm size and location, job title, and level of expertise are just a few of the variables that might affect Chicago tech pay.

The typical base pay for a software engineer in Chicago, though, is roughly $91,000 per year, with some senior roles offering wages as high as $150,000 per year, according to data from Glassdoor. In Chicago, data scientists can expect to make an average salary of around $113,000 per year, compared to data analysts' average salary of about $70,000.

It's crucial to keep in mind that these are merely average amounts and that individual incomes might vary widely depending on things like academic attainment, work success, and negotiating prowess.


Cost of Living in Chicago, IL

Depending on the location, housing, transportation, and lifestyle choices, the cost of living in Chicago might change. But the common consensus is that Chicago's cost of living is affordable when compared to other significant U.S. cities.

Chicago, Illinois has a cost of living that is 20% more expensive than the national average and 31% more expensive than the state average. Housing costs in Chicago, Illinois are 52% more than the national average, while utility costs are only 3% lower. The cost of groceries is around 7% more in Chicago, Illinois than it is nationwide, and the cost of apparel is approximately 7% higher.

Dental work and other medical procedures cost 13% more here than they do on average in the United States. Meanwhile, non-essential costs like entertainment and grooming services are 7% more expensive in Chicago, Illinois.

Overall, Chicago's cost of living is often lower than that of other significant U.S. cities, but depending on your lifestyle and living choices, it can still be relatively expensive. Before making any decisions about relocating to Chicago, it is always a good idea to do some research on neighborhoods and costs.


Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In Chicago, a city with a thriving tech sector, major digital firms and tech startups are embracing the future of technology. Chicago is one of the largest employers in the nation and ranks eighth in net tech employment, after New York City and San Francisco. With big digital giants like Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Lyft establishing facilities there, as well as the 1871 supporting 450 tech startups and 400 growth-stage companies, there is no doubt that Chicago is a substantial and expanding innovation hub.