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  • By Susmita Saha, System Developer
  • Published on February 10, 2023

Seattle is one of the rapidly expanding tech hubs in the United States. In fact, Seattle consistently ranks as one of the top 10 best cities in the country for jobs. And since some of the biggest tech companies in the entire world are clustered in Seattle’s city, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that Seattle is considered one of the best cities in America for tech jobs.

The Tech companies in Seattle every year add growing numbers of jobs. It’s very natural for software engineers to build their careers in Seattle because of the rampant opportunities in the tech job market.

Silicon Valley may be the largest tech hub nationwide, but a new study has revealed Seattle leads the nation as the fastest-growing tech hub. Of the nation’s top 30 tech markets around the country, a fresh report from real estate company CBRE found that no city has added more tech jobs in the last two years than Seattle, Washington.

Nat Levy at Geek Wire tallied the numbers from the study, noting that Seattle added 33,803 tech jobs in 2017 and 2016, which amounts to a tech job growth rate of 25.7 percent.

Levy wrote:

“Seattle outpaced all other markets in terms of jobs added, with Silicon Valley ranked second at 24,971 jobs added, and growth percentage, where St. Louis came in second with a rise in tech jobs of 23.3 percent.”

Top Tech Companies in Seattle, US

Home to Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Over the past few years, a handful of other notable companies moved to Seattle like Adobe, Google, Apple, and Facebook. These companies focus on building great work cultures and providing great work-life balance. They also lead the top tech companies in Seattle in terms of advantageous salaries and perks, and benefits offered.

Besides these favorite companies, we have compiled a list of the largest and best tech companies in Seattle with over 10,000 employees.

1.    Dell Technologies

2.    Expedia Group

3.    Accenture

4.    Mindtree

5.    Tata Consultancy Services

6.    Wipro

7.    HCL Technologies

8.    Unisys

9.    Tech Mahindra

10. CSS Corporation

11. Infosys

12. Lumen Technologies

13. Inspur

14. CompuCom

Software Engineer Salary in Greater Seattle Area, US

There is no minimum salary for a Software Engineer in Greater Seattle Area, US. The figures represent base salaries with total compensation figures varying according to job roles, levels, experience, demand for skills, etc. According to the statistics, the 2nd Top paying Location in the US in Seattle.

·      The average total compensation of a Software Engineer in the Greater Seattle Area, US is 210 000 US$

·      The average annual software engineer salary in the United States in 2022 is $98,949.

Cost of Living in Seattle in 2023

There is no city quite like Seattle. Surrounded by mountains and bodies of water like Puget Sound and Lake Washington, the city offers an inevitable mix of beautiful nature, a laid-back lifestyle, and vibrant culture. It's one of the best places to live in Washington.

Not surprisingly, the cost of living in this booming city matches spot on.

The average cost of living in Seattle is 67.8% higher than the national average.

In Seattle, rent averages $1,544 for a one-bedroom apartment. Transportation costs in Seattle amount to $4,938 a year. Food costs $3,999 a year on average for a single resident of Seattle.

However, the cost of living in Seattle, Washington has risen thanks to growth and cultural transformation. The good news is the city is still less expensive than San Francisco or New York City, for now.

How hard is it to get a software engineer job at any of the top tech companies in Seattle?

Whether you’re a software engineer or a software developer looking for a job at one of the top tech companies in Seattle, the best way to get through the interview process and land the tech job of your choice is to focus on your interview prep.

Big tech companies in Seattle generally have standardized hiring and interview processes, but with the right interview prep, you can get through even the toughest tech interviews at any of the top tech companies in Seattle.

2023 Tech Jobs in Seattle, WA

Some of the best Tech jobs that you can go for right now include computer support specialist, database administrator, information security analyst, software developer, and many others in Seattle. Find your special area of interest and then go to work applying for IT entry-level jobs in this exciting and rapidly developing field the link has given below.